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We're Making Our Mark at Clark!
To report your child's absence, call the attendance line at: 631-4333 option 1
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Mrs. Holt, Principal

Mrs. Wisneski, Assistant Principal
Talent Show: Thursday, May 1st from 6-7:30pm
Sponsored by: Student Council

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NEW BOUNDARY CHANGES For CLARK 5th Graders and Bartel Middle School Students for the 2014-2015 School Year have been passed.

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From Hillsborough County Schools. A resource for students and parents. Please Read, then check out the link.
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Keep up with what's going on weekly at Clark through our Parent Links located on the sidebar of this webpage. This is an informative message from our principal, Mrs. Holt.

SAT & FCAT Test Dates 2014

March 3 – April 4 Comprehensive
English Language Learner Assessment Grade 3 – 5 ELL
March 25 – 28 Stanford 10 Grades 3 – 5
April 1 - 11 Stanford 10 Grades 1 & 2
April 22 – May 7 FCAT Grades 3 - 5
Florida Writes is just around the corner. Ask your student how they are doing. Many students prefer one mode of writing over the other. Which mode does your child prefer?  Talk to your child about real life experiences that they could possibly write about. Sometimes, kids forget the trip to Grandma's or the time they threw up all over your new couch. A sea of vomit can make for some wonderful writing. My son use to love to write about fishing. I can remember the time he and his friends put a large fish with razor like teeth in my garden tub. They were keeping it alive so that I could see it.  I am not sure my son got the reaction he wanted when he introduced me to his fishy friend. "AHHHHH!!!! Get that monster out of my tub!!!" My eyes were bulging from their sockets as I screamed at the top of my lungs. (Talking to your young writer can be very powerful.)
How can you help your child prepare for the MATH FCAT???
3rd - 5th graders should know their multiplication facts. If they don't, you still have time to memorize them.  With Common Core approaching next year, Multiplication Facts are a skill that should be mastered by 3rd GRADE. This skill could really help them on FCAT.

Here are a few skills that become quite easy if you know your facts:
- finding equivalent fractions (3rd-5th)
- division (3rd-5th)
- simplifying fractions (4th-5th)
- finding common denominators (4th-5th)
- solving algebraic equations (3rd-5th)
- Solving for perimeter, area, and volume (3rd-5th)
- Converting units of measure (4th-5th)

You are at a disadvantage if you don't know your facts and that is a FACT!!!!

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Early Release:  Every Monday @ 1:15

*Doors open at 7:30 am.  Students are not allowed to be on campus before 7:30 am.
*Clark is a mandatory school uniform school.  Our school colors are Red, White, and Blue.  
 Information regarding purchasing school uniforms can be found in the "News" section on this website.
*Clark bus routes can be accessed by either clicking on the Transportation link of this website
or in our "News" section.
*Information regarding school lunches and accounts for prepay meals can be accessed on the Student  Nutrition link.
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